The company's pressing facility is a battery of most modern presses capable of Performing various deep drawing and forming operations. We have a variety of machines to deliver unmatched efficiency. They are:
Shearing machine upto 6 mm capacity
Plasma cutting machines
Mechanical power presses capacity ranging from 5 tons to 400 tons
Hydraulic presses ranging from 60 ton to 350 ton
and the pressing lines


The G B Industries Group is equipped with a wide variety of CNC & Conventional Machining equipment. The state-of-the-art machinery for all processes includes:
VMC machines
CNC machines
Tapping machines
Drilling Machines
Band saws
Thread rolling machines
Ball Crimping Machine
Lathe Machine


GB Industries manufactures high class of forgings for Agriculture, Commercial Vehicles, Buses, Construction, etc.
We have the capability to manufacture parts weighing from 0.2kg to 70kg a piece through Forging Presses ranging from 1000T to 4000T and Hammers ranging from 2T to 10T. We have maintained high standards of quality for the manufacturing and delivery of the products at competitive prices.


The welding lines at G B Industries are laid with technologically advanced and precision driven welding machines to produce accurate and high quality welds on sheet metal components. The company is capable of undertaking various welding jobs like Projection welding, Spot welding, Mig Welding and Tig Welding as per the customer requirements using welding SPM's and Welding ROBOTS.
G B Industries over the years has developed significant expertise in welding process. All of its manufacturing locations are equipped with inhouse welding capabilities by which the group is able to offer welding solutions to its customers. The key welding capabilities include:
Welding robot
Welding SPMs
Mig Welding Machines (250 amp to 400 amp)
Spot and Projection Welding Machines


Nobody can ignore the importance of Heat Treatment in Gear manufacturing.
To attain the best results GB Industries has a reliable Heat Treatment process. Not only the best equipment’s we have Qualified Trained manpower to handle the process.

  • Capability
  • Case Carburizing.
  • Press Quenching, Plug Quenching.
  • Hardening & Tempering (QHT).
  • Induction Hardening.


The G B Industries Group is a predominant supplier to the OEM manufactures of agricultural equipment. In the last few years, the Group has added significant value to their customers by providing surface finishing services, matching up with international environmental protection standards.
Phosphating and pre treatment processes
CED coating
Wet primer of various shades and grades
Wet finish top coat of various shades
Powder Coating of various shades
Galvanizing - trivalent acid and alkaline based plating


The company boasts of well-balanced and ergonomically designed assembly lines for optimizing quantity, quality, and cost effectiveness.


G B Industries Group has established logistical hubs in the market. It has the potential for direct supplies to the dealers. The group has specially designed modular systems for storage and movement of semi-finished and finished parts for efficient logistical control. Local stocking facility is available to cater to the needs of the clients at anytime. Returnable crates ensure convenient and economic dispatch of the products to the clients. Amicable after sales services ensure long term relationships with the clients. G B Industries also has the competence of labeling and customized packaging and to supply sub assembled assemblies by integrating 3rd party components into an assembly..